Slow, ethical fashion.

Cotton Diva is a slow, ethical fashion label consciously created and offered to bring a sense of upliftment to you on some level, through form, prints and colour.

Within each piece are the elements of consciousness, creativity, passion, love, family and community growing and working together. In seeking to embrace cultural production traditions, we work closely with talented print and hand-block print artisans, by incorporating their skilful and artistic traditional forms of printing and Indian hand-block printing. This production aspect creates an authentic expression of colour and unique design, in each and every collection.

Our process.

We use only 100% pure and soft cotton, pre shrunk and colour fast and we combine special processes to create an earthy, handmade feel to our garments. As part of the production and design process, I spend four months each year in India, working with master pattern makers and print artisans in the same family factory where Cotton Diva began over 20 years ago. I have been very fortunate to form life-long connections with those families and artists who are involved in creating Cotton Diva’s unique pieces, and our initiatives in fair trade provide all workers with fair wages and work hours, safe working conditions, and health care, which in turn supports the local community and economy.

Cotton Diva is, and always has been, naturally committed to transparent, responsible, and ethical garment production. I absolutely love what I do, and offer our creations to you, in holistic appreciation of beauty, love, the sense of intention and dedication, the honouring of people, ethics, and the time honoured art of hand-block print making.
With Love Gayatri.