Every garment tells a story...


Ethical Fashion

Each Cotton Diva garment is consciously offered to bring a sense of upliftment to the wearer.

When you are wearing Cotton Diva, you are wearing a garment that has been designed with you in mind…from the handmade patterns, carefully adjusted to fit a real body, not a mannequin, to the hand dying and hand printing of the dynamic and bold colours and prints…in pure soft cotton.

Special processes are used to create the earthy hand made feel to our garments.


For over 15 years, Cotton Diva have worked with Master pattern makers, print makers and sewers in India. These craftsmen were taught their skills by their fathers and mothers, and by their grandfathers and grandmothers. Gayatri, Designer for Cotton Diva knows their children and their families, and the journeys of their lives, and they know Gayatri’s children and families. Within each piece, there are the elements of consciousness, creativity, passion, love, family and community all growing together.


There is a strong sense of family within the factory, and the skills of pattern making, cutting and sewing are taught by the masters to their young daughters and sons who join the factory and the printing factories who work with Cotton Diva, which contributes to keeping alive the textile heritage of India.


The factory was small 15 years ago, and both the factory and Cotton Diva have grown and continue to grow together, supporting each other, providing families with work and health care, which supports the local community and economy.

We hope you love wearing Cotton Diva as much as we love creating it for you.